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90/10 Polyester Viscose Double-Sided Brushed T/R fabric

    • Material: 90% Polyester and 10% Viscose
    • Technique: Weave
    • Yarn Count: 300D*(32S/2+40D)
    • Weight: 380g/㎡
    • Width: 150cm
  • TR Fabric Color Card 1200

    • Lead Time: 25-35 days
    • Shipping: Sea freight, Railway freight, Air freight
    • Payment: T/T, L/C ...
    • WhatsApp: +8615658271710

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Product Name 90% Polyester 10% Viscose Double-Sided Brushed T/R fabric
Material 90% Polyester 10% Viscose
Technique Weave
Yarn Count 300D*(32S/2+40D) 
Weight 380g/㎡
Width 150cm
Sample Card Available
Color Card Available(Clik to Download the PDF file)

Brushing Process: What sets double-sided brushed T/R fabric apart is the brushing process. Both sides of the fabric undergo a brushing treatment, where bristles or abrasive materials are used to raise the fibers on the surface. This creates a soft, fuzzy texture on both sides of the fabric.

Composition: As the name suggests, it is typically composed of a blend of polyester (Terylene) and rayon fibers. The specific blend ratio may vary depending on customers needs.


Double-sided brushed T/R fabric is a popular choice for creating comfortable and warm clothing items, especially during the colder months. Its soft texture and versatility make it a favorite among those looking for cozy and stylish apparel options.

Packing According to the customer's requirement
Custom Service Material, Denisty, Denier, Color, Pattern, Packing, Brand, etc.

TR Fabric Color Card (Clik the image below to download the color card PDF file)

TR Fabric Color Card 1200

TR Fabric Sample Card

TR fabric sample card 1200

TR Fabric Packing

TR fabric packing 1TR fabric packing 2

TR Fabric Factory

TR fabric factory weaving


MH's products are made by China’s advanced air jet non-shuttle looms, which not only improve production efficiency, but cut cost and save energy as well. Besides, finished fabric has few thread residues, and are tidy, flat.

TR fabric factory dyeing


The grey fabric are dyed by automatic temperature control systems and high-temperature high-pressure dyeing equipments. Finished fabric have even surface, bright color and excellent color fastness, and the color difference meet Europe standard.

TR fabric factory high temperature setting

High temperature setting

Imported setting machines help fabrics dry quickly, keeping them flat, even, and stable in width.

TR fabric factory inspection

Fabric inspection

During producing, inspection process is in each process, from raw yarn, grey fabric, to dyed and finished fabric, only the qualified fabric which meet Europe standard can be shipped out to customers.

About Ningbo MH

Ningbo MH was established in 1999, and specialized in garment accessories and tailoring materials.
At present, MH owns nine factories located in 3 industry zones, with a 382,000㎡ plant area and 1900 workers, producing polyester sewing thread, embroidery thread, lace and embroidery, ribbon tape.
MH also set up long-term cooperation with 1500 manufacturers for 10000 different kinds of tailor's material and fabric.

MH buidling
sales team
fabric showroom

MH Company ISO Certificates

MH has certificates of ISO 9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, ISO45001:2018

MH ISO Certificated