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Ningbo MH

Ningbo MH was established in 1999, specializing in garment accessories and tailoring materials. After years of development, MH has established business relationships with over 150 countries, with a sales amount of $670 million. MH's main products include thread, zipper, lace, tape, ribbon, button, tailoring materials, sewing machine parts, and fabric.

At present, MH owns nine factories situated in three industry zones, with a plant area of 382,000m2 and 1900 workers. These factories produce polyester sewing thread, embroidery thread, lace and embroidery, ribbon & tape. MH factories have the capacity to produce 3000 tons/month of sewing thread, 500 tons/month of embroidery thread, 2,500,000m2/month of lace fabric and trimming, and 100 tons/month of ribbons & webbings. MH has also established long-term cooperation with 1500 manufacturers for 10000 different kinds of tailor's material and fabric. Welcome for factory audit.

MH was recognized as one of the "Top 500 China Service Industry" and an "AAA Trustworthy Company". The "MH" and "TWO BIRDS" trademarks have gained a great reputation in both domestic and overseas markets.