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Taffeta Fabric for Coat Lining

  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 40gsm
  • Width: 150cm

taffeta fabric color card 1200

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Product Description

Product Name Taffeta Fabric for Coat Lining
Material 100% Polyester
Yarn Count Custom
Weight 40gsm
Width 150cm
Color Card Click to download PDF
Sample Card Available

 Taffeta fabric is renowned for its unique features and characteristics. It is a crisp, smooth, plain-woven fabric made from silk or synthetic fibers.

  • One of its salient features is its lustrous sheen, which is a result of the tightly woven threads that reflect light.
  • The fabric is also lightweight yet durable, making it a popular choice in the creation of luxury garments, curtains, and upholstery. Its stiffness provides a structured form, often utilized in the design of evening dresses and ball gowns.
  • Despite its strength and durability, taffeta fabric requires careful handling due to its susceptibility to wear, especially when repetitively creased in the same spot.

Taffeta Fabric is perfect for clothes lining or bag lining

Taffeta fabric is commonly used in the creation of luxury garments, such as evening dresses and ball gowns, due to its lightweight yet durable nature.

It is also a popular choice for curtains and upholstery. However, it requires careful handling as it can be prone to wear when repeatedly creased in the same spot. 

Packing According to the customer's requirement
Custom Service Material, Denisty, Denier, Color, Pattern, Packing, Brand, etc.
  • "T" refers to the thread count of the fabric, indicating how many threads are woven together in one square inch of fabric
  • "D" stands for denier, a unit of measurement that indicates the thickness or fineness of the individual threads or filaments used in the making of the fabric. 65D means the yarn has a thickness of 65 deniers. Lower denier fabrics are finer and lighter, while higher denier fabrics are thicker and more durable.

taffeta fabric with printed patterns for jacket and suit lining

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