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Nylon Waterproof Camouflage Fabric


Material: Nylon 6 + PU Film + 20D Tricot Fabric

Width: 148cm

Weight: 145-155gsm


Material Nylon 6 + PU Film + 20D Tricot Fabric
Width 148cm
Weight 145-155gsm
Feature Waterproof; IRR;
Wear Resistance 10,000 times
Shrinkage Warp ≤5%
Weft ≤3%
Tear Strength Warp 40N
Weft 43N

The Nylon Waterproof Camouflage Fabric Features

3-in-1 camouflage fabric is a meticulously engineered composite, specifically designed for military uniforms and outdoor gear, where performance and durability are paramount.

Nylon 6 Taslon: The outer layer is crafted from high-quality Nylon 6 Taslon, known for its strength and durability. This material provides excellent wear and tear resistance, making it suitable for the most challenging environments.
PU White Film: At the core, a layer of PU (polyurethane) white film adds crucial waterproofing capabilities. This barrier ensures that the fabric remains impermeable to water, keeping the wearer dry in adverse weather conditions.
20D Tricot Fabric: The innermost layer is made of 20D Tricot fabric, a lightweight and comfortable material. This layer adds to the overall comfort of the fabric, ensuring that it is as wearable as it is functional.

The fabric features an advanced camouflage print, enhanced with IRR properties and waterproof, offering a blend of concealment, durability, and weather resistance, ideal for military professionals and tactical enthusiasts.

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