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16S*12S 100% Cotton Single-Yarn Drill Fabric for Workwear

  • Model
    • Material: 100% Cotton
    • Technique: Twill Weave
    • Warp and Weft Yarns: 108*56
    • Yarn Count: 16S*12S
    • Weight: 275g/㎡
    • Width: 170cm
  • TC Twill Fabric Sample Card

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Customization Services

Material Customization

100% cotton
(polyester and cotton) 90/10, 80/20, 65/35
100% polyester

Width Customization

Width Customization

Specification Customization

Specification Dyeing process
T/C65/35,32s*32s,130*70,155gsm,57/58" Continue Dye
T/C/S65/32/3,32s*32+40D,130*70,160gsm,Spandex 57/58" Continue Dye
T/C/S65/32/3,20s*16+70D,128*54,240gsm,Spandex 57/58" Continue Dye
T/C80/20,21s*21s,108*54,185gsm,57/58" Continue Dye
T/C80/20,21s*21s,108*58,200gsm,ripstop waterproof,57/58" Continue Dye
T/C80/20,21s*16s,108*53,220gsm,ripstop,57/58" Continue Dye
T/C80/20,21s*16s,120*60,235gsm,57/58" Continue Dye
T/C65/35,14s*14s,80*54,250gsm,57/58" Continue Dye
T/C80/20,21s+21s*10s,72*40,270gsm,waterproof,57/58" Continue Dye
T/C65/35,16s*12s,108*56,275gsm,57/58" Continue Dye
100%C,10s*10s,80*50,300gsm,waterproof,57/58" Continue Dye
T/C65/35,21s*21s,108*58,195gsm,2/1 Dye camouflage,57/58" Continue Dye
T/C65/35,21s*21s,108*58,195gsm,3/1 Paint camouflage,57/58" Continue Dye
T/C80/20,21s*21s,108*58,200gsm,Printed waterproof,57/58" Continue Dye
T/C65/35,20s*20s,108*58,220gsm,Printed,57/58",Waterproof,Oil-resistant,Stain-resistant Continue Dye

Product Description

Product Name 100% Cotton Single-Yarn Drill Fabric for Workwear
Material 100% Cotton
Technique Weave
Warp and Weft Yarns 108*56
Yarn Count 16S*12S
Weight 275g/㎡
Width 170cm
Sample Card Available 
  • Twill Weave: Cotton drill is typically woven in a twill weave pattern, which creates diagonal ridges or lines on the fabric's surface. This weave imparts both strength and flexibility to the fabric.
  • Medium to Heavyweight: Cotton drill fabric is available in various weights, ranging from medium to heavyweight. The weight of the fabric can be chosen depending on the intended use, with heavier weights providing more durability.
  • Breathability: Cotton is a natural fiber that allows air to circulate, making cotton drill breathable and comfortable to wear in various weather conditions.
  • Absorbency: Cotton has good moisture-absorbing properties, which means it can absorb sweat and moisture from the body, helping to keep the wearer dry and comfortable.
  • Resistance to Wrinkling: While cotton can wrinkle more than synthetic fibers, cotton drill fabric is less prone to wrinkling compared to some other cotton weaves due to its twill pattern.
Usage The 100% cotton drill fabric is perfect for school uniform pants, workwear.
Packing 30y/roll, 20rolls/sack bag, or according to the customer's requirement
Custom Service Material, Denisty, Denier, Color, Pattern, Packing, Brand, etc.

TC Twill Fabric Application

MH Twill Fabric Feature

Smooth and Fine Texture
Smooth and Fine Texture
Twill fabric has a soft hand feel and a good drape, allowing it to conform well to the body and be comfortable to wear.
Twill fabric is durable and shows less dirt and wear, making it practical for everyday use.
Good moisture-absorption  breathable
Good moisture-absorption breathable
Twill fabric has excellent breathability, making it suitable for wear in warm or humid conditions. It helps keep the body cool by allowing air to circulate freely.
Environmental Friendly
Environmental Friendly
Our fabric uses environmentally safe dyes, all products have passed OEKO-TEX certification.
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